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Exploring the ┬źinaccessible┬╗ part of the Artic Ocean by exploting the logistic advantages of the drifting sea ice

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Seismic aqusition advantages:  - low ambient noise
- regional coherent ice drift enable large moving array
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FRAM-2020 is a 5-month ice drift to explore the submarine structures north of Greenland related to the late Cretaceous- early Teriary opening of the Eurasia Basin.
Responsible institution: Science: Department of Earth Science, Univ of Bergen
Field operation: Y-GEO, Bergen
Principal Investigators: Prof. Tor Arne Johansen
Prof. Emeritus Yngve Kristoffersen
Expedition Team: Prof. Emeritus Yngve Kristoffersen
Dr. Jan Erik Lie
Sponsors: Lundin Norway AS

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